I've drawn up charts and offered readings to family and friends since the 1960s.  Along the way, I've  expressed myself artistically, intellectually, spiritually, and humanly, with family, glass art work, education, and the dissemination of yoga.  I bring my talent for seeing patterns into my wholistic chart readings.  My life experience as a teacher, mother, traveler and artist supports my ability to assist my clients to transform and grow spiritually and emotionally.

"Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity." C.G. Jung
Carolyn and Astrology - the longer story

Carolyn Relei, BA Anthropology, MA Cultural Ecology, E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
 Glass Artist, Astrologer, Teacher and Yoga Teacher
I jokingly say that my study of astrology must have started before I was born, because my earliest forays into the public library as a child were for astronomy books and books about Greek and Roman mythology.  My intentional study of astrology began in the 1960s, when curiosity and openness overcame my academic skepticism.  Cultural Anthropology, my major in college, is the study of other cultures and ways of life.  It was through anthropology that a door opened in my mind and I could accept that another reality, other than the one I learned in high school, could actually hold value and truth.  So I began an independent study of astrology.  Along with learning the meanings of the signs and houses in astrology, I learned that historically astrologers were our first astronomers, that astrology was an honored and respected art and science, was practiced by emperors and kings, mathematicians and popes, and adhered to, I later learned, by Ronald Reagan.  I saw how astrology and the planetary gods inspired visual artists - painters and sculptors.  Architects encompassed astrological knowledge into their buildings.  In literature, Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Homer, separated by culture and time, are a few of the renowned masters who displayed astrological sophistication.
I developed skills in reading and interpreting charts over the years by reading charts of family and friends, watching the transits and how they affected each one of us, and learning how to make decisions at crucial times, taking into consideration the positions of the planetary bodies. And I continue to grow and learn.  It seems that the study is as endless as the sky itself! 
I've been gifted to have wonderful teachers in many subjects and my life's mission has been to learn and share knowledge for the betterment of humanity.  I've actualized some of my dreams by teaching varied subjects in diverse venues, including gyms, colleges, elementary schools and hospitals.  As a yoga teacher in the 1960s, I was a pioneer in some places, introducing yoga postures to people by means of private lessons, public classes, and demonstrations.  Yoga now is a household word.  I believe that some time in the not too distant future, astrology as a tool for personal growth will be as well known and understood as yoga is now.  This shouldn't be surprising as the Vedic version of astology stands side by side with yoga in India.  Astrology is the study of time.  Time has its gifts and its limitations.  It is the earth plane study that balances the practice of yoga and grounds it in Earth reality.  I believe that the ethical use of this art, including right understanding, can help people to know themselves better, to get off the treadmill of repetition of unwise behaviors, and to actualize and live happy and fulfilling lives.