In 1998, my first book, Birds Stained Glass Pattern Book, was published by Dover Publications, which led to  more pattern books, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Native American and many more.   You can click on the Books link to see them.   Glass has given me a lot of enjoyment.  I love the play of light, the brilliance of the colors, and the various textures of glass.  Crafting beautiful things with my hands is something I've done since childhood.  I taught stained glass classes, too, and enjoyed helping my students as they diligently worked on their projects.
My rich spiritual life and yoga practice have also been a source of much of the joy I feel in my life.  I balance my life by helping others through the arts of astrology and yoga and by creating beautiful things with my hands.

Recently,  put together some previously unpublished "easy" patterns that I developed years ago into the following books, which are available as Kindle editions:

Ten Stained Glass Patterns 
Stained Glass Lampshade Patterns