Carolyn Relei Dichroic Glass Jewelry

I create gorgeous one of a kind dichroic (di·chro·ic \di-'kro-ik\) cabochons and use them to create pendants, earrings and beaded necklaces.  I developed a unique process for making the cabochons, which involves several kiln firings as well as hand shaping.  The result is that my cabs have depth and patterning that is exquisitely beautiful and captivating.  The simple jewely I design and make is fun to wear and fascinating to look at.  Crafters world over use them to make their own jewelry.  Find them on eBay: 
Hi Carolyn - WOW.  I've never seen dichroic work like yours, and I've seen a lot. It has such depth and fire -- luminous even in the lowest light. Your colors are exquisite, and you use thicker layers of glass than other artists, so there's a quality of magnification too. I am delighted...You're making the world a more beautiful place!