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Free Original Rose Conical Lampshade Pattern PDF by Carolyn Relei
Free Original Rose Suncatcher Pattern
PDF by Carolyn Relei
Hi Carolyn,

WOW -  I've never seen dichroic work like yours, and I've seen a lot. It has such depth and fire -- luminous even in the lowest light. Your colors are exquisite, and you use thicker layers of glass than other artists, so there's a quality of magnification too. I am delighted, and I'll be visiting your store again soon.

You're making the world a more beautiful place!  C.

Dear Mrs. Relei,
I just got this item, and I wanted to tell you that I couldn't be happier with it!! It's just beautiful! MUCH more so than the picture in the auction. You should be very proud to have created such a gorgeous piece. I'll definitely be coming back for more....Thank you again for a gorgeous piece of dichroic glass!

Dear releidichroics,

I have more of a statement than anything to be honest. I was going to look at many sites but I came on yours first. Your work knocked me out. I hardly ever give praise and never without truly meaning it. Your work deeply affected me. So in closing I was looking for only one item, but your art caught me off guard. Respectfully yours, R.

Dear releidichroics,

Just got the package. Your pictures are lovely, but do not compare to the real thing. They are so flat, where the cabochons are deep and much more lively… M.

Dear releidichroics,
...You really make the best most beautiful dichroic glass I have ever seen. Everyone who sees it falls in love with it. Sorry to keep ordering in small amounts but I like to try and keep the total under the amount which triggers off import duty. Many thanks.
L., December 12, 2008

Dear releidichroics,

I should be making these for gifts, but so far I can't bear to part with the rings & earrings!

Dear releidichroics,

My Heavens! I am so glad to have found you! Your work is stunning. I like to embroider bezel set these cabs into jewelry and am sold out of many cabs. You are just the artist I am looking for to make cabs for my jewelry work.