Relationship astrology is a lot more than sun signs.  A relationship reading is based on the natal charts (horoscopes) of the two persons involved.  By looking at planetary positions of both charts and how the charts resonate with each other, I will describe your relationship in a way that brings clarity, understanding, and healing. 
During a relationship consultation, you will learn about each other's expectations and relationship style, the areas of greatest ease in your relationship and the areas of growth.  You will also learn how the current positions of the planets (transits) are affecting your relationship now. 
Relationship astrology can be used regarding any type of important relationship.  A relationship reading can tell us about the interaction between oneself and a lover, oneself and our boss, or oneself and our parent.   Because gaining understanding of any challenging relationship can lead to greater happiness and stability, the family or work relationship consultation can be immensely helpful and sometimes can hold the key to our romantic relationships, as well.

"I learned more from you and your experiences than I have learned from therapists in three years.  You really helped make sense of things and for that I am very grateful."  KJ
Relationships give the most apparent and instant "proof" of astrology.  Next time you fall madly in love with someone, look at the degree numbers and signs of both your charts.  There will be a very close or several very close connections.