Astrology  is the study of cycles of time.  I look at your personal time cycles by identifying daily and yearly planetary positions in relation to your natal birth chart  (horoscope or nativity).   This facet of astrology is sometimes called "predictive astrology" or "the transits" and relates to predictable patterns which create opportunities for growth, confusion, ease, stress and romance.
 You can make better choices and help to heal yourself and your relationships by becoming aware of the effects of current and future planetary movements on your moods and your direction in life.

If you look below you will see a widget that tells where the planets are at this exact point in time.  From this list, I observe how the current conditions are impacting your life right now.  If you learn the symbols for the planets and signs you, too,  will be able to read the planetary postitions from this widget.  And, if you memorize your planetary positions from your natal chart, you will be able to calculate your transits and begin to have a sense for yourself of what is going on in your life.  It is the witnessing of these transit patterns that have turned many skeptics and scoffers into enthusiastic astrologers!

I have been to several readers and Carolyn tops them all.  Carolyn amazed me with her wisdom of astrology.  She read my chart as it she'd known me my whole life. When things get a bit rough in my life I call Carolyn to find out what the planets are doing.  Then it all makes sense. "Psychics tell you what your future may hold.  I tell you about your present life."  She  is honest, compassionate and loves what she does.  Carolyn truly is a master at her craft!  C.P. Indian Wells

Carolyn says:
I learned a lesson about the transits many years ago through the experience of a client.  She came to me after her divorce from the man she had married in her youth.  After years of family life, her husband had suddenly taken up with his young secretary, who later dumped him.  My client divorced him, took her share of their assets, and was beginning to find a new life for herself and came to me for a reading.  In the course of it, I looked up her husband's birth data and saw his transits.  I could easily see that his behavior reflected a cyclic planetary pattern occurring in our early twenties, forties, and again in our early sixties in relation to our natal planetary positions. These relationships are called transits.  Astrology books describe transit Uranus square or opposition natal Uranus as a time of wanting to break free of prior restrictions, live life in one's own way, regardless of consequences, flirt with danger, find excitement, spontaneously fall in love, perhaps, and that relationships initiated or objects purchased during such transits may be fleeting.  When my own Uranus opposition came, some years later, in my early forties, I, too, wanted to break free, but with the foresight of astrology, I was determined not take the conventionally  unconventional road.  I enrolled in college and finished my education.  It was a very rewarding time for me.
Even though, no matter what we choose to do or not do, we will get valuable lessons and growth opportunities, knowing about the potential effects on our minds of certain transits is like a sailor having a map of the shoreline and the shoals and using that map to avoid loss and disaster and find a safer harbor.

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The seasons are marked by positions of the sun and stars in relation to the earth.  The importance of sky to the ancients is obvious in the massive monuments built to observe or honor the stellar realm.