At you can store birth data for your friends and family and create free charts and print outs.

There are several apps for iPhones and Android phones that will create and store charts.  I use Tropical Skies (for android) for quick charts when I am out and about.

I love to read about astrology.  Check out your local bookstore or online bookseller - the field it too vast for me to narrow it down for you.

Udemy has classes online. is a site where you can download mp3 files of Farley Malorus's radio shows from the 1980s.  I found these a few years ago and was astonished by the wealth of information given so freely in these recordings.  Since I love to listen while I work, audio learning suits me just fine - check them out!

Books that have captivated my interest and deserve special mention:
The Fated Sky
by Benson Bobrick (history of astrology in the western world) - wow!  did you know that the Roman emperors and several POPES were adepts in astrology?

Aspects in Astrology
by Sue Tompkins

Planets in Transit
by Robert Hand

Of course, if you are a beginner, it is best to start with a book designed for those first steps in astrology - again check your favorite bookseller.

Hi Carolyn,
Thank you for sending my chart. And thank you ever so much for your precious time and precious gift. You were 100% accurate and I truly appreciate this astrology reading.
Kindest regards,