Your personal consultation is a one-on-one exploration of you as revealed in your chart. We explore your potential, the main themes in your life, your strengths, gifts, and challenges.  Mini readings are 15 minutes and will give you a valuable taste of what the chart reveals.
Your chart will reveal the mysteries of why you do what you do and knowledge of the dynamics of your natal birth chart can help you make choices that accord with your personal growth and healing.  Through the chart, we will examine how you appear to others, how you come on to the world, how you feel about your own worth, your potential for partnership and what you may not know you are really looking for in a relationship.  We explore the major areas in life into which you put much of your time and energy.  I dialogue with you in this reading.  The reading will transform your attitude and your appreciation for your own life and all of its potential.

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Over the last decade I have used Carolyn's services and she has always been spot on. Not only is she accurate but Carolyn can walk you through your journey so that it makes sense and you can apply it to your life. I highly recommend her services.  S. G., Valley Springs, CA

Explore the mysteries
of your own psyche!