Hi, I'm Carolyn Relei.  Welcome to my website. The links above will take you to my yoga, astrology, and glass art pages and to information about private yoga, glass art and astrology intensives in Palm Desert.  Most of the colorful backgrounds on the pages are from photos of my glass art work.  I designed the website using SiteSpinner.   I welcome your comments and questions.
"I have more of a statement than anything to be honest. I was going to look at many sites but I came on yours first. Your work knocked me out. I hardly ever give praise and never without truly meaning it. Your work deeply affected me. So in closing I was looking for only one item, but your art caught me off guard. Respectfully yours, R."
Carolyn has helped me much more than other healers and doctors.   She tells me something from her astrological expertise and at once I can understand myself and realize why I do what I do and what I need to change.     She opens a door of insight and gives awareness that sheds light on an issue so that we no longer operate in the dark.     She has been extremely helpful in my life and I often share with others what she has taught me.   Thank You, L. D. A.

Carolyn has been a wonderful blessing to my life.   She introduced me to the many facets of yoga.   She is my inspiration to continue my study of yoga's direct communication to the body through its spirituality, intent, visualization, postures, and breath.