My compassionate personal reading of your astrological chart will untangle patterns of behavior, activate emotional healing, and reveal your gifts and areas of greatest strength.

The astrological birth chart is a map and guide to your life story.

 Understand yourself and the people you interact with.  You will be amazed at how much information is hidden in this age old system.


Carolyn has helped me much more than other healers and doctors.  She tells me something from her astrological expertise and at once I can understand myself and realize why I do what I do and what I need to change.   She opens a door of insight and gives awareness that sheds light on an issue so that we no longer operate in the dark.   She has been extremely helpful in my life and I often share with others what she has taught me.  Thank You, Lara De Ann

"An increase in self-knowledge means
a corresponding decrease in fear and
anxiety. " Magnus Jensen
The Queen of Sciences of the ancients, astrology was the the mother of astronomy.  The moving skies have communicated to seers from time immemorial in every culture.  Astrologers were mathematicians and scientists.